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Standing up to release - another negative move?

Postby John Mason » Tue Aug 24, 2004 3:21 pm

Interesting discussion points Jay.

Standing up to release - here is another thing that some people were told, but not quite in the same context - BUT - others were told the oppisite. Once again a phase to work through in their methods.

Here is how that was presented. By standing up in the transition, you reset your turn and at the same time get your weight forward again. That was the main focus we were told, to stand up to get the weight forward again. Yet, the higher up folks were being taught totally different to keep the upper body height still and extend in the turn and flex in the release so that upper body motion was minimized (much more PMTS). So that part was inconsistantly being taught amongst our coaches. Personally I much prefer keeping the body at the same height and flexing at the release. Much more natural and conserving of motion.

What I don't konw was the "official" feeling of this move. Was it a transition move to work through? All I know is we did it as an excersize for a couple of runs, then I went back to flexing in the middle and not standing up and no one tried to correct me or the many others sking that way. But, once again, to repeast the standing up at transition in the drill they had us do the focus of these coaches was fore and aft balance. I never heard them saying it was a thing to keep doing. In fact our coach never did it when he skied either, but flexed at release.

Lots of transitional phases in this style of instruction. I would love a race camp taught by HH. Of course, I know he would want me to ski on one ski all the way down. (now there is a weighted release)

(Oh, BigE, I understood that my post was not clear)
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