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Postby *SCSA » Thu Aug 12, 2004 6:59 am

Single malt notes...

Private Ryan's last post was lame, at best. My Gawd. Is that the best he/she/it can do? What a dumb post -- it should be gonged.

Who's running the show over there? Is it Your Highness? Your Highness looks like he/she/it gotsthe camp goin on, but it's just another example of piecemeal ski instruction. "A little of this, a little of that."

I think the now departed CEO has a confidence issue. How come he/she/it doesn't start his own thing? Instead, he/she/it stands in Your Highness's shadow, which is a complete oxymoron.

What's wrong with Bonnie? Why would anyone from Iowa post that much? Did someone take the keys to her rice burner away?

SnoPuppy tries to be the antagonist, but let me tell you this. "Sir, I have seen SCSA. You ain't, no SCSA."

Has RustyUnderScoreGuy finally figured out that it's all just infotainment, as I've always maintained? He's conspicuously absent. Maybe he's turned his attention to politics, running for office in the Republic of Boulder.

I think Ott is a closet stoner. He's way too logical.

All the sudden WTF has become web monkey boy. I'm just wondering, what's in it for him? Do you think possibly he's meeting women, then making them buy beer in some nondescript Irish pub? Maybe it was WTF, who was sending the messages? "Yeah, that's the ticket" Hmm. The mystery continues.

Energy Leaks? I think it should be retitled, "Brain Fart". Private Ryan now has company, for the dumbest post of the year. That is until someone else, steps up and takes the honor.

So I just went out and loaded up on this years DNA. I'm gonna be stylin @ The Big Show.

Riddle me this? What does SCSA and Gilbert OSullivan have in common?

I'll be carvin by this time next week.

"You don't drink you don't smoke, what, do you do?"

Postby milesb » Mon Aug 16, 2004 2:46 pm

Told you once before
And I won?t tell you no more
Get down, get down, get down
You?re a bad dog baby
But I still want you ?round

What did you buy?
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