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Wausau Wisconsin -- Various sites

Postby SkierSynergy » Mon Aug 02, 2004 2:20 pm


I was back in Central Wisconsin last week and had a chance to carve with the ex freestyle coach at Granite Peak (Rob Rybarczyk) and also two race coaches from Wausau East High School (Doug Berg and Nick Holzem). Over the week I carved a lot of places and I'm sure there are lots more good places in the area. Here are my notes:

DISCLAIMER: These are places where it is physically possible to carve. Whether it is safe and/or legal to Skate/Carve at the sites listed is up to you to determine. I am not advocating that you do anything.


1) The parking lot on the east side of the Wausau Insurance complex (Off of Westwood) is an excellent multi-level site. I found that no one is around on the weekends. However, the security has suggested that I leave while I have been there in the evenings -- though they have been nice, so far.

2) In the same area there are a few of the smaller hospital complex parking lots that look really good -- though I haven't carved them so it?s hard to tell what the reception would be. Go on the weekend and pick one that's out of the way.

3) The church on 28th just south of the hospital (sorry, I forgot it?s name) also works great for learning.

4) On west side of hospital off s 28th: (Sprindale and Hubbill) and Pinecrest. Hubbill is best. This is also a prime area for car supported free carving.

5) Banquet parking lot at the plaza hotel. Good area for beginner to moderate practice. A wide, often empty parking lot of consistent grade.

6) Reservoir hill behind John Muir middle school. I carved a few streets. This area is great. Lots of long (3 - 5) block steep runs with very wide streets. Many of the streets are neighborhood streets with good vision and slow traffic. Some have more/faster traffic. Choose well, be safe, and have lots of fun. This is a prime area for car supported free carving.


1) Of course the area on Franklin hill offers great long, steep stuff, but it can be hard to avoid traffic. Choose the site, time, and speed very carefully here. Good car supported free carving, but more risky. Experts only.

2) Townline Road area .
North of pleasant view park, around S. 13th and Young are fantastic Try the fresh pavement on Young (from the dead end) into S.12th. The fresh pavement on MacIntosh would be great, but there is fast traffic on it. There are lots of good streets here for both training and car supported free carving.

The area north of here has lots of great rural roads. The issue is finding new pavement. Luckily, there are a few new developments going up. Just look for the right spots


I took a loop around Rib Mountain and I found these sites:

1) Sunflower Estates on Mosinee Hill.

Follow Highway N to Goldenrod Road. Take it South around west side of Mosinee Hill. There is a new development there called Sunflower Estates. Lots of short loops of varying steepness (2 to 5 blocks in length). For some good ones, take Woodbine Lane to a right on Smoke Tree Lane. This takes you into Bluebird.
Bluebird Lane & Bluebird Drive (both good). Starflower Lane is good too. This is a prime area for car supported free carving.

2) Farther down N take Dogwood Road to the north. This has a nice 1/4 mile straight on a dead end. Very little traffic or houses. Good vision. Don't end your run too close to the highway though.

3) Further on N, turn north on Thorn Apple Road (it will be tempting, but don't carve on Thorn Apple - it's a fast, rural highway). Turn west on Elderberry Road (1/4 mile gentle straight, dead end with few houses, good vision, and new pavement).

4) You'll be tempted to look at Daisy Road, but forget it. The hill is good and it's totally secluded, but the pavement is incredibly horrible.

Continue around to the north side of the mountain by taking Thorn Apple north and then Whooperwill back northeast to North Mountain Road. Go east.

5) On the north side of the mountain, just west of the golf course, is a small development just below the ski area. The best road is Rib Mountain Road. It's a dead end loop with about 1/3 mile hill. Limited number of streets, but still a good area for car supported free carving.


1) Many of the streets east of the Weyerhaeuser plant in Schofield look good. Didn't carve them, but they have obvious potential.


1) Area near Indian head golf course has hills and is in rural area.

2) Mosinee has good small hills coming into town from the south.

3) A hint for this more flat part of CW. There are lots of roads dead ending against major highways (e.g. 51). They are usually built up to potentially go over the highway. Don't underestimate the amount of good training that can be done in these secluded one and two block spots. A good example is Pepper Court near Hayden funeral home in Mosinee -- about a block of moderate sloped dead end w/ fresh pavement.

Du Bay:

Not much here. Knowlton municipal center is a good parking lot for beginners.
The same Follow the same advice about roads that Dead end into major highways. A good example in the Du Bay area is West River Road (just south of the old Antlers Supper Club). 3 blocks of gentle hill on new pavement. -- comprehensive services for the girlfriends of skiers
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