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Postby *SCSA » Sun May 09, 2004 10:26 am

Howdy folks,

I know ski season is not for another 6 months, but I wanted to throw this out here, for y'all to chew on this summer.

Weekly Turnz. I'm starting it in CO, but I'd like to see the idea take place everywhere else there's snow, too. Like always, I observe a lot by watching. :wink:

Any skier who wants to improve, likes to rip, or just have fun would meet and ride together each week. Right now, I'd say we do it at one of the VR areas because so many have the Colorado Pass (unlimited skiing @ Breck, Keystone and ABasin. Plus 10 days @ Vail).

The idea came from my old days as a triathafreak. Biking was always my weakest link, so I used to show up to group training rides, as training to improve on the bike. It worked. In the beginning, I was always in the last group. But each week, I'd get a little faster. Bottom line is that my biking got way better. And along the way, I met some pretty cool he/she/its and had a ball.

Then I skied w/Hobbit a few weeks ago and the idea came to life. Hobbit skied w/me and we skied parts of the Basin he never had before. I skied with he/she/it yesterday. The last run of the day Hobbit was making nice -- I mean really nice turns (Way to go Hobbit!) in the slush on the lower part of the mountain. Hobbit is now a ski buddy, he/she/it can ski w/me anywhere. Same thing w/my pal Healpusher. Healpusher couldn't ski bumps to save his life when we first met. Now, he rips in the bumps. His improvement, came from following someone who was better in the bumps than he was.

Folks, there's a reason why Masters swimming is so popular. Ask anyone who goes to Masters swimming and they'll tell you flat out that they wouldn't swim as well, or push themselves, doing laps by themselves. Then ask them about all the beer they drink and how much fun they have!

So that's the idea. We meet once a week and make turns. Meet others and have fun. Push yourself. Get to be a better skier.

Weekly Turnz could be big. Once we get enough to show up, we could have folks like HH, Barnes ("coughing, gagging, rolling on floor writhing in pain"), :P Lito, Eric. D or anyone else the group favors to show up as guest speakers or whatever. Maybe we could cajole one of these D Team he/she/its to show up and make turns with us? In the beginning it'll be difficult to get anyone of them to show up, cuz they're all working every day. But once we get big enough, I don't think it'll be a problem getting ski icons like these folks to show up. Matter of fact, some of them may drop in from time to time for training. Since weekly turnz is open to anyone of any ability or desire, I'm sure once word gets out, we'd see high level instructors show up. In the old days, I used to swim laps up in Boulder with pros like Mark Allen, Dave Scott, Scott Tinley. Go to any track or lap pool in Boulder. You're bound to be training next to pros. Some of them, will even offer you advice.

Weekly turns is not just for PMTSians. It's for ANYONE, who wants to improve, rip, have fun, or all of the above. We'll come up with some clever name for our little thang. We'll have a server for video, so others can see how much fun we're having and to encourage others to start one. We'll have parties, do group stuff in the summer like carvers, hiking or biking.

Weekly Turnz aint "official" ski instruction or a replacement for same. However it's been my twisted experience that motivated skiers are, let's just say (present company included of course :wink: ), creative types. :lol: So if you want some tips, I'm sure they'll be plenty to be found.


Postby milesb » Sun May 09, 2004 8:30 pm

Congratulations on this great idea. Nice.
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Postby Bluey » Mon May 10, 2004 3:16 am

There are those that do.....and there are those that talk.........

There are those that listen.....and there are those that are patient enough to listen.......

Yeah, I think its a great idea too .....I hope you can get enough support and numbers to get it off the ground over there...........even if you don't, its still a terrrific way to have some fun and get in a "few turnz".........

How close to the snow do you guys live???....for me its a 6 hour drive....I gotta leave work early Thursday to get to the snow Friday and then its a scramble to get back Sunday night.....dropping in for a "few turnz" is not that easy for Sydneysiders.........


PS the forecast is for more snow tonight/tomorrow ....but currently there's still not enough to start a snowball fight.....finger's crossed for the next few weeks....pity about the drought Down Here.......driest period for 8 years........

PSS excuse the spelling...gotta go.....
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Postby *SCSA » Mon May 10, 2004 6:17 am

Hi Bluey,

I live in Eagle. From my front door, the Beav is 20 minutes West, Vail is 30 minutes West.

I think it's going to be great. It'll start out probably just a few. But hopefully each week, as word gets out, more and more will drop in.

Be cool,

Postby piggyslayer » Mon May 10, 2004 7:13 am

I like it 2.
It?s a ski club without membership where people go to cross-examine their technique.
Cool idea SCSA.
I hope we will get something like that in the East one day.

My 2 cents:
I think people learn not only by following a better skier but also by being a better skier.
Try giving any instruction to a friend, you will notice that:
1. You are trying hard to make perfect turns.
2. You are getting motivated even more than your student.
3. Magically you are doing better than on your own.

The Hobbit/SCSA skiing together described so nicely by both of them, I think both of you guys improved after that experience. SCSA you owe Hobbit for that :) .
There is a little showoff in all of us and I guess there is nothing wrong with that.

You could make the weekly ?meetings? right after or right before Colorado PMTS camps, so all out-of-state campers could stay a bit longer or fly-in bit earlier and participate!
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Postby *SCSA » Mon May 10, 2004 6:10 pm

Hi piggy,

Yep, that's the idea. Ideally, anyone coming out to CO would schedule their trip so that they make turns one day with the group. After all. Who would come out to CO and not make turns with the group?
Bill Walton:
"The group rocks! I can't buhleeeeeeeeeeeeeave, anyone would come all the way out to CO and not make turns with the group. That's crazy!"

That's right, no membership. If we charged membership, that'd mean we take ourselves too seriously. No way we'll ever do that, not as long as I'm involved. :wink:

This is truly the shareware of making turns. Everyone shares in bringing beer, food, whatever. If we get big enough for t-shirts, we'll pass around a hat (tipping it of course, never steering :wink: hah ha hah).

Keep those ideas coming...
Because you're the piggy! We count on you! :)

Postby *SCSA » Mon May 10, 2004 6:12 pm

The Group. We're the Group. We're not the gang, we're way more organized than that. So that makes us a group. So does that mean we're groupies?

Or, how about?
The Grupe.
Or Groop.
Group making turnz.
Groopies Making Turnz?

Postby *SCSA » Mon May 10, 2004 6:27 pm

Groupies follow a band around to all the shows. Groupies goal is to get in the sack, the dressing room, or both.


:idea: I got it.

We're following the Mountain, that's the band. The show we come to see each week is the snow. The dressing room or the sack? That's making better turns.

So I think we really are Groupies -- or, Groopies!

We're gonna be big.

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