A-Basin - one week late - anyone wanna play?

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Postby *SCSA » Fri May 07, 2004 7:56 am

If anyone else wants to show up, please do! Guest and company?

Anyway, I'll be wearing a tie dye and red ski pants. Just look for this Wacko, skiing with his boots tied together. :wink: Can't miss me. :lol:


Postby Lisa » Fri May 07, 2004 7:17 pm

*SCSA wrote:Hi Lisa,
That's so cool. So cool. Lisa and I are neighbors now. Folks, anyone who has followed this soap opera saga called "beetching and whining about wedge turns :lol: ) knows that LM used to live in Bean town.

A few years ago, she starts posting -- she's definitely a motivated skier. Now, she's packing up her bags and goin big. I'm tellin ya. This is the kind of thing that I live for.

Hey Lisa,

F'ing Aye, I'm in. Are you talking Saturday? Get Bong to show up to the Basin on Saturday -- I need to rub his bald head for good luck.

Yep, Saturday!

Sorry we missed you

Postby Lisa » Tue May 11, 2004 3:57 pm

Well, Bong has been spending so much time in Denver, he did not realize that the Boat Yard was closed! I tried to reach John mason on his cell, but couldn't reach him.

We waited by the Boat Yard till 5:00, but didn't see you guys. Left a message at the Hotel frisco too.

Meanwhile, Bong and his wife were biking, his wife falls off her bike, ends up in the emergency room with 2 broken ribs. They did meet up with us somewhere else, but he did not have time to go back home to get his other cell phone, which had SCSA's number.

Bummer! Would have liked to see you guys!. We're coming back for a weekend on June 4th. Bong says we should all get together. I arrive for good n July. You'll be seeing so much of me you'll be begging for peace and quiet! :D

Meanwhile, this city girl is finally trying to learn to drive. Took my first lesson yesterday. A**hole instructor takes me through the Boston traffic equivalent of a black diamond when I had only been the car for a total of 3 minutes. When some Yahoos saw the "student driver" sign on the car, they tried to side swipe us as a joke! :evil:

My hands were shaking for the rest of the whole lesson. Almost ran over a fence! :oops: I still feel tramatized, kind of like my very first godawful ski lesson at Killington. Took 12 years to get me back on skis. I don't have that option with driving.

Can someone give me some driving/skiing analogies? I learn better that way. Thanks!

Driving - Skiing

Postby John Mason » Tue May 11, 2004 6:48 pm


Don't throw your shoulder to turn - keep your body still and facing down the fall line.

Keep aware of the other skiers going down the slopes. In driving there are more rules with lanes and lines so you should have no problem with this!


don't steer with your feet - you steer with your hands in driving (how weird is that)

edging or tipping to turn don't work and will make the pedals feel weird

On another note:

I wonder where the Boat Yard is? We found a restruant in Frisco called the Boat something across from the Realty office on Main Street. We got their about 4:05. Visited with the real estate folks across the street and found out it was closed and not going to open. Then we were off to Eric's in Breckenridge. That was about 4:20.

Next time though.

(Too bad you didn't have time to ski with us. You would have seen LOTS of interesting stuff! (I think I'll destroy that pic SCSA) - Also we discovered the ski slope equivilant of quicksand. - or I did anyway)

I've got to work on my wind. That 13,000 feet altitude for my 49 year old 600 foot above sea level aclimatated body was not easy. Hopefully next time I won't need the frequent "o2" stops.

It was a fun 3 days. Warren, my brother in law, skied the top blues without falling two much (his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day of skiing) and his 9 year old son was very comfortable with both the chair lift and the Molly Hogan by the 3rd day - yep - Hobbit - he loved the chair lift by day 3. We couldn't get him to break for lunch he was having so much fun, and he bugged us to eat faster so he could get back and ski more! Thanks for the help Hobbit!)

Oh, and next time you have me lead the way SCSA, it's ok to tell me when the direction I'm going leads to a narrow black mogul run. Maybe next year I'll be at 97.25 percent and can fly down it!

Great meeting more forum folks again. I'm a tad far for the weekend group feedback loop ski sessions, but if it gets going, I'll fly out for some of them anyway.

Driving, Skiing - ice makes both interesting

cars don't have to turn uphill to slow down

never wedge in either one - if your car is wedging - have it's alignment checked because just like the knees you'll wear out your tires

I'm sure I'll think up some more! :wink:
John Mason
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Postby *SCSA » Tue May 11, 2004 8:43 pm


You're awesome! Say hello to Boss Hogg and Boy Wonder for me. :)

97 has to move to the Color Red -- he/she/it was made for this place; writes code, makes turns, thinks big.

97. We're here, where the hey are you? :P

Hey 97. You've just seen just a glimpse, of what thangs (that one is for my old pal, Rusty -- that damn Rusty) are really like, out here on the www (eh, that'd be Wild Wild West :P ). Wait till we go make turns on a full moon.

Be cool 97, we'll be checking you out soon.

Re: OK - it's official

Postby BigE » Wed May 12, 2004 8:47 am

John Mason wrote:I. Big E - Canada isn't that far away.

Thanks for thinking of me! But right now, even going standby can't happen. I'm totally done for the season, time to get the cottage going. You Yanks may call it a "camp", but in south Ont, it's a cottage....

Cheers! Ski well and have one for me!
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