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Postby *SCSA » Sat May 01, 2004 9:03 pm

The Hobbit and I had a bitchin time @ the Basin these past few days. That is, once I got my wits about me. :roll:

Hobbit. Thanks for giving me a second chance. :lol: Folks, Friday I show up and I was a little woozy. Hobbit was probably thinking, "This SCSA, what's up with heem." :wink:

Hobbit. You rock! :) In the afternoon I ended up skiing some of the best lines all year. And it happens on a day when you and I are making turnz! I've always known it. The Basin, it really is where the magic is.

:arrow: hey Hobbot. Way to go!
Be cool Hobbit. I'll check you out later, :D

Postby *SCSA » Sat May 01, 2004 9:15 pm


After I split, I ended up hanging out on Pali, gettin every bit of snow left. That glade I was pointing you too? There really is a path (through the trees) back to Bear trap/International. I skied it twice, made a few other laps, gettin some great lines.

I hung out on Pali, then hit my last run down Exhibition (well duh :P ). It was a great finish to a great day!

Cheers Hobbit! Here's to a great year!

Postby Hobbit » Sat May 01, 2004 10:14 pm

Thanks SCSA,
I had a gtreat time and for sure one of the best lines of the year.
Thanks for challanging me to do the Pali side lines -- they were fantastic.
A-Basin is great and the season is not over yet! :)
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Postby *SCSA » Sun May 02, 2004 1:15 am


Nah, that's it (unless it's a big powder day :) ). I had a great year. Man. It was a great year. Here I am, still thinking about all the great turns this year. Cheers! November will be here in no time. :D

But you get out there and make some more turns (make a few for me), you Hobbit! 1) Pole swing. 2) Work on the release where you hold your downhill foot off of the snow. Remember! You can't put the lifted foot down unless you put it on its new, LTE! Don't do the drill wrong! :evil: :) ).

Think about your arch. Invert, evert your foot. :arrow: Every turn must start with a pole touch. Then, you make every turn with your downhill foot! Show your bases uphill.

You got a few more weeks of turns. I want to be reading reports of you making better turns! :D 10-4?

Way to go Hobbit!

For me, about 2 weeks off then summer training starts. Get on the bike, ride the carvers. Do a little camping, get in the river, hang out and look at the stars. :wink: 8)

you be cool Hobbit, I'll check you out later.

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