Different boots make a difference....

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Different boots make a difference....

Postby tommy » Mon Apr 26, 2004 6:44 am

I just spent 2 days of skiing in new boots. Reason for changing boots was that Harald recommended me to change, b/c my old boots had some "rotary characteristics".

I was quite hesitant to change, since my old boots performed quite well (in my opinion), they were stiff enough (9) and were very comfortable, with a tight fit.

Anyways, already when sliding towards the first lift, I could immediately notice that something had changed: I found myself standing much taller with the new boots, and for some reason the skis felt like I've never been on them before! In particular, it felt like the skis were much longer in front of the boot!

The snow conditions during the weekend were quite tricky, somewhere around half a foot of very wet and very heavy spring slush, gradually building up to bumps.

I started off with attempting burshed short turns, and felt immediately like a beginner! I could not get the skis to turn the way I wanted, I couldn't make the turns brushed at all. Instead, it seemed the skis wanted to lock on a carved turn. It took me half a day to start to get comfortable with the new combination of gear, and eventually I managed to do some kind of brushed short turns.

Because of the tricky conditions, it's hard to draw any detailed conclusions about my skiing with the new boots (I'd preferred skiing on ice for testing purposes) but my guess is that the difficulty I experienced with short turns probably is caused by my old boots being rotary, i.e. facilitating a rotary/pivoting move, particularly in brushed short turns. So, the new boots revealed some techical problems in my skiing.

It's going to be interesting to see how it goes on hard surface.

But it seems that it's safe to say that different boots can really change your skiing.

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