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Postby mechanic » Fri Apr 23, 2004 8:48 am


I hope that the tone of my posts have made it clear that I am not here to bash PMTS in any way. I am intrested in only one thing. Learning more about skiing and ski instruction so that I can better help my students enjoy their time on the slopes.

I have no desire to get into the back and forth bickering that takes place between PMTS advocates and tts instructors on almost every ski forum that has ever existed.

I know the history of Harald's involvement with PSIA and have heard the story of his D-team tenure spun by both sides. I DON'T CARE. Harald is obviously a talented skier and teacher from whom I feel that I can learn things that will benefit my students. Obviously from my posts I don 't agree with everything that Harald expounds but our areas of agreement are greater than our areas of disagreement.

I follow no established ski teaching system but have developed my own somewhat unique take on ski instruction based on the following idea. There is only one way to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction presented to the student, and that is student outcome. I'll try most any idea with a student and observe what they do with it and from those observations decide if I want to incorporate that idea into my teaching on a regular basis.

If you have any questions for me or about me feel free to ask.


Postby Harald » Fri Apr 23, 2004 11:03 am

Mechanic, I am as well, not interested in bickering with people who are trying to disrupt lines of thinking or discussion. I appreciate your posts as proper attempts to expand on ideas. I am very direct and go to the bare essence of the topic, as it relates to ski technique. I have little tolerance for attempts I am familiar with in the PSIA way of explaining skiing. They much too often head in irrelevant directions to support ideas or opinions, rather than focusing on the science that supports skiing in the mountain environment. Those approaches go in circles without conclusion.

I won?t indulge those posts. If I see a topic headed into an area that is irrelevant or out of context, I will point that out. I am not intending to disseminate personal rebukes or admonishments but, if someone thinks they can post garbage and get away with it, they will be surprised. If they think that the responses are intended to be insulting because they are short, to the point and not especially considerate of personal sensitivity, than they should be more focused with their material. We or I am not trying to flame anyone, but this isn?t a Sewing Bee either.

Postby Bluey » Fri Apr 23, 2004 2:58 pm

Hi mechanic,

Welcome aboard........its great to have some new blood in the forum and I think I can appreciate where your'e coming from in respect to TTS etc........to some extent I have a similar approach to what you have outlined....for me its all about outcomes and discovering what works and discovering what works efficiently for different skiers levels........ ski politics is of no interest to me either.......

I also appreciate HH's comment about the themes of some thread being disrupted/sidetracked ........very frustrating and very boring.........probably just teething problems for this forum.......

Welcome again

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Postby *SCSA » Sat Apr 24, 2004 2:19 pm

mechanic is on fire!

Postby *SCSA » Sun Apr 25, 2004 7:20 am

Here's one way to look at it all. The more people there are, doin The Primary Movements thang, the easier it'll be to find training partners. Training partners are not only really helpful, they can be a lot of fun, too. :wink:

If you're a motivated skier working on the Primary Movements (like there's any type of other :wink: :) ), tell me this wouldn't be cool.

You drop a line here, "Skiing in Vail tomorrow, have some questions on the weighted release."

5 people answer, show up.

You get your issue with the weighted release solved. Not only that, you fix an upper body issue, and you get your pole swing right.

You meet 5 new friends. One of them buys you dinner, drinks, promises to do so every damn time you show up. :lol:

A skier posted, got their stuff fixed and then some, all for free. Matter of fact, they actually profited on the day!

That's, the real story here.

Postby Ott Gangl » Sun Apr 25, 2004 8:30 pm

Hi SCSA, do you actually think 5 PMTS certified instructors would show up?
Or do you advocate a buddy system of PMTS instruction by a buddy who may or may not have understood or is capable to correctly demonstrate that weighted release much less be able to teach it.

For someone to teach a maneuver that they have 'learned' but who have not been checked as being qualified to 'teach' it is no service to the buddy.

It's best to let Harald and his instructors do the teaching of PMTS, just point the interested student his way. Not just in this system but in any system, having learned something doesn't mean you are qualified to teach it. John Mason seems to have a very thorough understanding of PMTS but I'm not sure I would want him to teach it to me. Or maybe I would. I'll try to arrange to ski with him at Perfect North next season,it's fairly close to both of us.

It's hard enough to implement what one reads in ones own skiing, it's infinately harder to teach it.

Have fun at A-basin next weekend...

Ott Gangl
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Postby *SCSA » Mon Apr 26, 2004 6:16 am

Morning Ott,

I'm talking in general terms. That training with others who have the same goal, is a big benefit when trying to learn --- anything!

Be cool,

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