Celebration in Sweden today!

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Celebration in Sweden today!

Postby tommy » Sat Mar 13, 2004 1:39 pm

I'm quite hesitant to post this topic here on PMTS forum, since it does perhaps not have much to do with PMTS (or then again, when watching Anja skiing, maybe it actually has...!) Please accept my apologies for posting this potentially non-related topic!

Anyways, we are quite happy here up north that Anja Parson won Women's Alpine World Cup today! In addition to being an excellent athlete, she's also a very nice person, modest & low key, full of emphathy and respect towards her competitors, as well as the general public.

Only two Swedish persons have won the world cup before, Ingemar Stenmark, and Pernilla Wiberg!

Now Minna & I are staring to look for the long kept bottle of champagne....! :-)

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