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Time to get it right!

Postby -- SCSA » Fri Mar 12, 2004 8:03 am

5 years ago there was the infamous 97% post.

Then there was arguing, most of it done by yours truly.

But now it's time for us ALL, to be pals and make turnz together. I know for sure there's one thing we all have in common. Our love for making turnz. So if that's the case and I think it is, shouldn't we all be pals?

Dang tootin!

There's no reason why, we can't explore, together, new stuff going on and figure out the old stuff, too. We should all be making turnz together, but we're not. Look at all the bright minds we have! I mean, if we can't figure it out, nobody can.

We're all making turnz. Some of us, make turnz pretty much the same as the other. We have a lot to share amongst each other and we need to.

So let's drop the us versus them attitude. My pledge to my online pals/alleged pals/enemies is that us versus them or me versus them is gone forever. If anyone here ever sees it, slap me!

This forum should be a way cool place for those who love to make turnz to chat. Now obviously, it's the PMTS forum. But as HH says. We welcome lively discussion about ski technique.

So whaddaya say?

I say it's time to get it right! Because, life is too short. I know I'd like to make as many friends as possible, before moving on the next Happy Valley.

Making turnz today at Vail. Anyone else?


***This post comes to you au natural, without having attended my first class, which I'm really looking forward to going to! :wink:

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