Skiing at the highest level: How to Transition with Fore/aft

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Skiing at the highest level: How to Transition with Fore/aft

Postby enric » Mon Nov 21, 2022 10:42 am
Thanks a lot Harald, very interesting and illustrative in deed. Excellent hints on how to achieve better ForAft balance during transition using PMTS movements.

I am in the process of explaining in detail this sequence of movements to a friend of mine who is a certified ski instructor from the EEE (Escuela Española de Esquí, i.e. Spanish Ski School, yes another national TTS)...but unlike me he has not read all of your books :wink: .....he has seen the radical transformation in my skiing in the last couple of years (thanks to PMTS Obviously)...he is amazed at how well defined and structured are all of these movements, terms and concepts...and eventually he has come to accept that his skiing technique has serious opportunities for improvement :lol:

I will definitely share these pictures with him next weekend. Actually, these great pictures are very helpful (at least to me) to better grasp the sequence of movements in the transition, not only in the foraft sense but also in the lateral sense. Hence, I would like to take the opportunity to share some doubts and comments:

IMHO in the picture "at the release" the WC racer, in addition to bending the old stance leg action (by both closing the stance hip joint and flexing at the knee) he seems to be producing a kind of a HIP HIKE at the old stance hip

... If so, is this the same action that you demonstrated in your well-known video "counterbalancing at the hip" as you are standing on one leg on top of a box?

Is this action the begining (the first step) of the CBing for the new turn at the transition?

...this HIP HIKE would be then the famous EARLY counterbalancing (inmediately following or simultaneous to the early transfer of balance to old inside lte at transition) AT TRANSITION

Do I have it correctly that this is part of the release and transfer of balance is prior to initiating the tipping to LTE of new inside foot?

...and at this point the skier is still holding the old CAing, even increasing it, to facilitate the transfer of balance to the old inside ski LTEdge by providing stability to the old inside hip, ankle and edge at this very delicate moment.....and by the way, this is why I was so worried about sorting out the "correct way" to produce CAing in my last post a few weeks ago. :D

...the following tipping to the lte of the new inside ski will passively release this old inside ski LTEedge and proceed to passively engage the new stance ski edge.

Thank you all for your valuable help and contributions in this forum. The season starts in less than two weeks in the Pyrenees. :mrgreen:
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