It's September!

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It's September!

Postby jbotti » Sat Sep 09, 2017 8:23 am

Just checked the Loveland website and they say they are 20 days away from beginning snowmaking. Of course that's a weather dependent estimate but what it does mean for sure is that we are only around 6-8 weeks away from the first ski resorts opening. Obviously something for all of us to get pumped about!

I am now an empty-nester as we dropped our daughter off at college 2 weeks ago. Theoretically I should get a lot more snow time this year (I say theoretically because life finds a way to get in the way at times but I do think I will ski at least 50 days this year and may get in 60+). I decided that rather than have a group of drills that I would focus on and do (which is what I have always done) this year I am writing out schedules for my first one to two hours on snow for my first 15-20 days.

They look something like this:
2-3 run warm up
15-20 TFRs followed by TFR's into brushed carved turns and finish the run doing Brushed carved turn.
2-3 runs of Angry Mothers
2 Runs Angry Mother pole plant drill
2 runs dolphin pull backs (Flappers) (not the whole way down as my legs would be shot)
2 runs weighted release alternating with Super Phantoms (6-10 weighted releases followed by 6-10 super phantoms etc)

This particular one is for day 3 on snow as I will do less on days one and two.

No real science here just an attempt to make sure that I am getting the drill work in that I want and need early in the season. With the schedule it gets done. Without it I find that I often finish the morning and I have forgotten some and others I have done but not spent enough time on.

Early in the season there is also a lot less pull to ski off piste as in most places its not even open yet. It is the perfect time to just do drills and highly focused free skiing.

We will see what it produces. The plan is to alter it as I go along.

Now all we need is some snow!
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Re: It's September!

Postby Vailsteve » Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:42 pm

For what it is worth, I think this is a GREAT plan of attack for early skiing. I am not nearly as good as John, but i too focus on certain drills every morning that I feel work for me. Big ones I like are the two footed release, angry mother, power release, pole drag, schlopy (sp??) and zillions of super phantoms.

I really feel it really does make a difference. More importantly, I guess, I find it just plain fun to do drills.

I also have been really focused on overall fitness this summer...tons of road bike riding here in Vail, averaging 130 miles per week...just finished a decent 3 hour, 48 mile ride this morning...indoor workouts once a week at the gym...(I hate working out at the gym but my wife loves it...). Now starting a few minutes on the tipping board and my slack line to get my balance back into shape as the new season is definately in sight.

Some days, it sure sucks being 61. But better that than the alternative!

Looking forward to a great year...alignment camp coming up!!

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Re: It's September!

Postby ToddW » Sat Sep 09, 2017 4:19 pm

My focus for the early season is to do more of everything. More tipping. More flexing. More relaxation. More CA. Etc. Not merely what the turn or drill at hand requires.

My 5-year plan is to develop significant reserve movement capacity beyond that needed for my usual skiing. Besides helping push my skiing envelope, this will save my behind when I get fatigued, injured, or simply in over my head. Especially fatigued ... my body has a habit of getting tired about two runs before my mind realizes it.

I'm hoping that the new solo shot 3 video unit (self steering and zooming tripod mounted camera) will be generally available by December. They're just now about to start shipping pre-orders after a 1 1/2 year delay. I plan to buy one once they've had a little time to get the bugs out. My hope is it produces video adequate for self-MA. That would help enormously in my quest.
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Re: It's September!

Postby jbotti » Sat Sep 09, 2017 8:10 pm

Wow, remember reading about these a while back, and almost finally here. Very cool. If anyone learns more, gets shipped one etc, please post and keep us informed. Obviously the single best training tool one could own.
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Re: It's September!

Postby Icanski » Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:11 pm

Snow making in 20 days! We usually don`t get on snow here until Christmas or even after?! But with the crazy weather around the world this year....who knows.
I like that plan you have. I usually do a couple warm up runs, and then break down to traverses on each foot, then some garlands. then a run to shake it out.
A few runs of 1ft releases, then 2 ft releases like you do in to brushed turns. The runs here are so short, I'll spend a lot of time doing them and just vary the terrain as well. As soon as it gets a little shaky on steeper stuff, I move back, or slow down and clean it up.
I like the progressions you have and may take those notes along and try them out as well.
Until then...conditioning, flexibility, and strength and building up some cardio.
I got new supershapes last year, and this year I'd like to get new boots. (I've had my raptors for about 7 years.) That means finding the time and way to get down to Colorado for a fitting. No one here can fit boots for PMTS, so that's where I have to go. Just hope the dollar comes back up a bit.
Have a good season prep everyone! ;-)
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Re: It's September!

Postby BrettBPotter » Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:01 pm

Lol my first post! I found HH & PMTS in March last year during a storm and then spent the remainder of the year reading the books, watching the videos and trying to learn the basic movements. I read the forum (cover to cover) which made it clear that alignment was the first step. So I got new boots, drove to Dumont and had Diana set me up in July which gave me 10 days in Mammoth to start on (book 1 page 1).

Its hard to believe at my age I'm like a kid at Christmas waiting for snow and my year to begin this path. When I saw JB post his (kinda) annual first post I wanted to post myour first post as well.

To all you regulars that have posted your knowledge and stories over the years of your learning curves, I am grateful. You have no idea how valuable your comments are to people like me that are just starting out.

Anyway my hill (Mammoth), has already "whited out" twice this week and today I could really feel Autumn in the air as I hike on slush.

John I look forward to seeing you and will do my best to be ready. And again thank everyone that has made this forum so (LOL) EPIC!
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