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A Fitness Program Worth Doing

It seems I have been training for something my whole life. As a youngster in high school I was on the running, cross-country and alpine ski teams. When I finished school I was training for ski racing. In my twenties I trained for tennis tournaments and in my thirties I trained for bike racing. I don’t compete in any sports now but I start training for the next ski season as soon as the snow disappears. I like to work out. I think it keeps the body younger, stronger and more flexible. Last season I skied as hard as I have in ten years with little adverse effect. I attribute that to conditioning, modern skis, good equipment, and correct alignment. I haven’t found getting older difficult yet. The day when I say, "I can really feel my age" may not be too far in the future, but I’m hoping that with a wise approach to physical conditioning I can push that day further away.

I have prepared training programs and schedules for skiers of every ambition from National Ski Team members to recreational skiers. This is an invitation to get into skiing shape with me for next season. We don’t have much extra time but by dedicating ourselves through August, September, and October we’ll be fine and ready for skiing by Thanksgiving.

The fitness program we’re presenting here combines cycling and circuit training. It’s realistic in the time it requires. I know that finding time to exercise can be difficult in a hectic schedule, but being prepared physically for the season will make you a better, more comfortable skier and teacher. The circuit training approach combines aerobic, anaerobic, strength, balance, and flexibility training into compact workouts. Many of the exercises have easier and more difficult versions, so don’t shy away if you don’t usually work out, and don’t worry that this will be "too easy" if you’re already an avid exerciser.

We have a schedule you can follow, sheets you can print and use during workouts, and complete descriptions of the technique and exercises you’ll be performing. Click on "Read more" for any of the individual exercises to see them performed on video.

Health note: Make sure you are in good health and have no medical conditions that keep you from participating in strenuous physical activity. If you are unsure about your ability to start a physical program consult your doctor.

So, read on!